The Place at Cayou Cove
161 Olympic Lodge Lane
Orcas Islalnd, WA, 98243, USA
360-376-3199 | 888-596-PACC
f: 360-376-3852
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How to Get Here

Just getting here will be one of the most scenic trips you'll make. Orcas Island is reached by ferry, by plane, or by yacht. Visit the categories at right for details.

Cars can be rented on Orcas Island. Taxi service is available.

Complimentary ferry and airport pickup is available.


The Place At Cayou Cove is located on the southwest tip of Orcas Island, the largest and most diverse of the beautiful San Juan Islands of Puget Sound 70 miles northwest of Seattle, Washington.

Situated in the "Banana Belt" of the Pacific Northwest, Orcas Island enjoys an average of 250 days of sunshine each year. The Japanese Current assures moderate temperatures, and the surrounding mountain ranges keep Orcas Island significantly drier than Seattle.